Italian Producer, Writer, Director and Founder at Hoffman, Barney & Foscari Ltd, a new London-based multi-divisional Company founded with Sir Michael Lindsay-Hogg and others. 


    Colleen Ross "you are one of the most brilliant and sophisticated, introspective and (post-modern Pop Artists of this decade, half classic and half techno, so carry on with that style and those colours and those freudian eyes and y'know, and with - last, but not least - that kind of obsucred analysis tense... We all need your paintings and drawings. As we need Novels and Movies and Culture. Cheers, with admiration and without rethorical. Your fan, Glauco"

    GLAUCO DELLA SCIUCCA Italian Producer, Writer, Director and Founder at Hoffman, Barney & Foscari Ltd, a new London-based multi-divisional Company...
  • " Colleen is an immensely talented artist. After having seen one of her paintings online, I asked her to do a copy of it for me. She agreed and painted a version for me that is wonderful. She produced it quickly and payment was easy and straightforward through her site. Her prices are also very reasonable."  - Jeff Gaul

    American-born British architect based in London. With major projects around the world, including the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent completed, the largest shopping mall in Europe, and the Titanic Belfast visitor attraction in Northern Ireland. 
    "I am beginning to see the way you see (not the way you feel, while painting). But 'seeing' is a huge leap for me. Knowing paintings begin in layers of light, layers of colour, layers of shade & shadow, layers of emotion, layers of reflected colour, and that all these are pushed deep and tugged to the surface as you blend these layers to express the subject's (and your) own feelings ... this is all magnificent. We do the same with facades of buildings: what is revealed/what is concealed ... what is referential, what is teasing, what is overt, what is hidden ... and the ONLY balance between these myriad of surfaces is my own conviction about the balance that brings out the dark/bright side of a building's soul ... the anecdotal as much as the monumental ... the tempestuous and the joyful. You teach me to see my own art quite differently, Colleen.”
    ERIC R. KUHN American-born British architect based in London. With major projects around the world, including the Bluewater Shopping Centre...
  • "I met Colleen Ross many many years ago in Beverly Hills.  At that time in my life I could not afford original art, I was 20, so go figure.  I told her one day I would own an original oil.  I did purchase a litho.. New Yorker.  I still have it! Fast forward 30 years I now own several oils. A couple originals I paid for on time.  Colleen has been so gracious and was very kind to let me pay her monthly installments for one of the larger originals.  She is an amazing artist and a very superior human. I had a health issue that could have taken my life, I would get supportive text from her and she even gave me a beautiful painting, she is truly a no strings attached honest person.  I feel lucky to count her as a friend.  I feel that is who she is to anyone in her life, a true original!"  - Troy Vanderpool

    American consultant. In the 1960s and early 1970s Mintz was an underground radio DJ and host. In the 1970s he became a spokesperson for John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and took on other musicians and actors as clients as a publicist, including Bob Dylan. He later became the publicist for Paris Hilton and Canadian drummer Neil Peart from Rush.
    "i purchased my first painting by colleen ross more than a decade ago. i can still remember walking into a beverly hills art gallery and becoming instantly enamored by the framed faces of women on the walls who appeared to be speaking to me as if they were sharing a silent secret. i took one home and look at her every day hoping to learn more about the road she has traveled.
    all of the women that colleen presents are harbingers of secrets, promises, disappointments, temptations, dreams, joyous encounters, anxious anticipations, mistaken identities and more.
    they are cowgirls and society ladies....women who have promised to return who you will not see again.....and some who are waiting by a dial-up phone hoping you will call.
    they are in ornate hotel dining rooms and roadside cafes. some are in silk stockings while others prefer tight jeans. they are women i feel i have known and some that i would like to......
    her body of work is remarkable. hundreds and hundreds of images that defy interpretation yet first appear so accessible. she is one of america's great artists and her paintings occupy a space that is uniquely hers. nobody else paints like colleen ross."
    Colleen Ross and Elliot Mintz at a restaurant posing
  • "I adore Colleen Ross. She is my favorite artist! And a great person! Her work is spectacular amd she is also a fantastic person and a moral, ethical amd wonderful human being! I wish I owned 50 of her works!" - Judith R. King